That’s Another Wrap! XDF Europe 2019 is in the Books

Posted by Gus Lignos, Vice President Sales, MoSys

I just finished attending the Xilinx Developers Forum Europe and a few things struck me. Xilinx continues to provide leadership technology which enables groundbreaking products and services that we take for granted every day across an amazing array of markets. Xilinx also continues to execute on their deliverables as promised and just as impressive, all their employees display an energy and enthusiasm that is infectious.

Xilinx is continuing its mission of enabling the Data Center with Adaptive Computing, accelerating core markets such as 5G and ADAS. In addition, they have built an impressive customer and partner ecosystem with testimonials from folks like Amadeus, who is revolutionizing the travel industry and CERN, who is showing the world wildly impressive work on particle physics. There were many other testimonials and announcements, all of which showcased how Xilinx FPGAs continue to shape our current and future world.

I had the chance to talk to a lot of Xilinx folks at the MoSys booth, some old and some new, all of whom have worked at other semiconductor and/or software companies. The common thread that bound us together was the unbridled enthusiasm and satisfaction in working for a company that continues to deliver on its aggressive and impressive roadmap. CEO Victor Peng announced that its leadership Versal 7nm Adaptive Compute Acceleration Platform (ACAP) silicon is now sampling and that Vitis, its new Unified SW development suite, is now downloadable.

There are some parallels to what Xilinx is doing and enabling with what MoSys is doing and enabling. MoSys demonstrated at the XDF Americas in October our Graph Memory Engine (GME) running as Firmware on our 32 embedded RISC cores on our high end PHE device. Now, just six weeks later, we are demonstrating the same Graph Memory Engine running as “C” on CPUs – all part of our new IP strategy for Packet Classification. And like Xilinx, who continues to enable customers and partners to solve some of the world’s most demanding Data Analytics problems, MoSys is now offering its GME IP to help these same customers and partners accelerate the decision trees that make up the bulk of these Data Analytics problem sets.

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