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Times, as we all know, are unprecedented. Catch phrases like sheltering in place and social distancing were all unheard of just a few months ago.

With the MoSys team hard at work remotely, we collectively decided the best way to stay connected with our growing audience would be to move up the launch of our newsletter. In this newsletter, we will keep you up to date on the MoSys blogs, product announcements, new collateral, Featured Technology and more.

Included in each NEWSLETTER

  • Message from our Management
    • Overview of our company, industry or new product update
    • Topic on all technology affecting high speed design
    • Industry Topic we feel is significant
  • News Alerts
    • MoSys or Industry news
  • Feature Content
    • Past items that you may have missed but very relevant to designing today
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      • Expanded overview of use or benefits of a technology
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So welcome to our brand-new newsletter where we will be keeping you up to date on all things acceleration, memory, and of course, MoSys.

Vol2 No. 6
  • A Look Back at 2021
    • MoSys finalizes business combination with Peraso Technologies
    • Presented at the recent Intel® FPGA Technology Day
    • Partnered with Silicom
    • Made exciting advancements in 5G and how to Accelerate the User Plane Function

Vol2 No. 5
  • Everything Intel: Focus on IFTD
    • Day 1: Technology – FPGAs in a Data-Centric World
    • Day 2: Cloud and Enterprise – Data Center Acceleration
    • Day 3: Embedded – Smart Embedded Solutions Accelerating the Market Transformation
    • Day 4: Networking – 5G – The Need for End-to-End Programmability
Vol2 No. 4
  • 5G: Everything is Going to Change
    • 30 Million New 5G Base Stations
    • 5G - All About the UPF
    • 5G - The Good News about Bottlenecks
    • 5G - Three Problems to Solve
Vol2 No. 3
  • Board Design Made Easy
    • Best Practices for High-Speed Board Design
    • How to Expedite Your Next Design
    • Focus on Use Case: Test & Measurement
Vol2 No. 2
  • Featured Use Cases
    • Packet Classification in Cloud and Enterprise Datacenters Keeping Up with 4X the LPM Routing Demand
    • Packet Classification for Next Generation Network Firewalls Combining AI/ML Engines with ACL Lookups
    • Redundant Link Mode for High-Rel Data Transfer
Vol2 No. 1
  • Featured Design Documents
    • MoSys LineSpeed™ Flex PHY Solutions – Successful Design and Bring-Up of a Serial Link
    • High-Speed Board Design Guidelines
Vol1 No. 3
  • Featured Technology
    • Quazar QPR (Quad Partition Rate) Architecture
  • More Technology
    • High Speed Board Design Guidelines

Vol1 No. 2
  • Featured Technology
    • How Bandwidth Engines Complement FPGA BRAM, uRAM, and M20K
  • More Technology
    • High Speed Board Design Guidelines
Vol1 No. 1
  • Featured Technology
    • QDR Replacement: Faster, bigger, simpler
  • More Technology
    • High Speed Board Design Guidelines
    • Benefits of Serial Memory - MoSys CGI protocol